Movicon ™ BA is a fully integrated software platform offering an all-in-one monitoring and control system for all your building facilities with project editing and runtime functions

Tag Database

Tags Database open and performing. Complete data traceability and accuracy. Value Scaling and event management integrated in Tags, Traceability, Access Levels, native Tag sharing in real-time with relational DB using ODBC, shared memory and XML-link. Structure Variables. Direct importing from PLC database. Automatic and integrated management of remote connections using modems.

Symbols with power template technology

Symbol graphics completely customizable using VBA scripts as well. Alias Manager technology for runtime symbols indexing.


Refactoring tools, capable of automatically eliminating main programming errors (control and restore incorrect or non-existent names of Tags, links to screens, missing strings, and more).

Complete ISA-READY Alarm Management

Alarms completely customizable with millisecond precision. Onset time-stamps, thresholds in variables, Alarm Power Template management. External Help in HTML as well.

Event Historical log Manager

Event Historical Log Management with open files based on relational databases (Native SQL Server - MySQL- Oracle, others via ODBC MAnager). Statistical Analysis on Alarms, filter and SQL queries. Print Management.

Data Loggers

Process Data Recording with object oriented Data Loggers. Powerful and secure automatic DB connection (SQL Server - MySQL - Oracle, other via ODBC MAnager) management for archives based on relational DBs. Support to IMDB as an alternative for recording in text and XML files with option to encrypt.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis tool for visualizing curves graphically with additional functions not found in the Trends. Analysis with automatic preset time ranges, comparison curve tool, automatic measures between different points, and more.

Integrated Objected Oriented Event Schedulers

New schedulers consent sophisticated setting functions both in development and runtime mode, with execution time range, holiday and command activation selections. All supported on WinCE runtime and Web Client.


Complete and powerful Redundancy management ((Hot Backup). Files are always synchronized and managed safety with reliability in all situations with complete and transparent availability. Secondary Server automatically takes over instantly upon any communication failures.

VBA Language

Built-in VBA language complete with multithreading. Extreme openness to customizing. The Movicon™ VBA engine is also supported in WinCE runtime. Support to .Net technology (VB.Net syntaxing for Win32/64).


Visual “Synapsis” Language in Function Block style with graphic objects using graphical designing techniques. Each graphical symbol can become a Synapsis logic block.


Native support to IP camera. Images can be displayed on WinCE and Web Client.

Graphics Library

Graphics Library with completely custom captivating look and behaviour. Command functions with simple and powerful graphical animations. Objects come with 16 animation properties; composed movements in editable trajectory, transparency functions in addition to colorings, fillings, and more.

.Net Technology

New classes of analog visual display objects based on .Net technology (Win32/64 only) with unrivaled graphics

Maximum Distribution and Multi-Planning Efficiency

Native and built-in support to Microsoft Visual Source Safe, ensuring maximum distribution and multi-planning efficiency, managing modifications and traceability.

Integrated Event and Alarm Notification Management

Supports SMS, Email, Speeching and Fax. Phone calls managed with complete on-call duty staff configurability.


MultiLanguage management with on-line language change. String management with dynamic text change both in programming and runtime mode. Support to Unicode for Asiatic languages.


Statistical information management activatable in any process tag. Each tag consents real and statistical values (ie. For analysing or programmed maintenance).

Recipe Management

Automatic Recipe Management based on relational DB or text files. Recipes are auto-configurable with one click automatic DB file and interface management (customizable).

Users and Passwords

Unrivaled Security management. Users and passwords with access to commands at 1024 levels and/or 16 areas. Automatic Operating System Access Control functions. Passwords settable at Tag level as well. User Passwords sharable with operating system domains.


Powerful Networking management. Support to TCP-IP, UDP and HTTP protocols. Event driven notifications and optimized network management. Completely distributable. Multi-server architecture with security settable directly in project properties.

Logic Task Instruction List (AWL) built-in

This language permits users to create simple logic with a PLC approach internal the Scada/HMI, without needing expert VBA language know-how.

Powerful On-Line Debugger

Powerful on-line Debugger for all Movicon™ functions. Analysis, tag forcing, project statistics, break-points and step-to-step logic execution and other powerful functionalities for project testing and documenting. Project debugging and downloading for remote systems in TCP-IP (both for WinCE and Win32/64) as well.

Standard Tecnologies

Support to the XML, ActiveX, ODBC, OPC, VBA, SQL, ADO, SOAP and Web Services standard technologies.

Screen Based On SVG with powerful graphical functionality

Multi-monitor Support and parameterizable screens. Support to WMF, EMF, BMP, GIF, TIF, JPG and PNG graphics. Graphics auto-resized to screen with effective rendering for bitmap images.Transparences, Fading, and 16 dynamic built-in animations.

Edit Functions

Vector graphics edit functions, with powerful design and layout tools. Objects support heredity concept effectively.

Object Orientated Menu Editors and Shortcut Keys

Completely built-in and simplified touch screen management functions.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition for supporting vocal command activation and acknowledgement.

Tracing and Audit Trails

Powerful Tracing and Audit Trail management for recording every process data variation, millisecond precision value monitoring, complete range of information relating to user names, electronic signatures, previous values, motive, and more.

Vectorial Trends

Dynamic Vectorial Trends and historicals with powerful sampling functions, visualization and analysis. Historical Logs based on Data Loggers with periodical analysis, zoom, averages, logarithmic scales and open to any kind of custom. Sampling with output on CSV (ie. Excel) files as well.

Built-in Report Generator

Powerful and flexible Report Management thanks to the built-in Report Generator based on .Net, with powerful calculation, analysis and graphic display functions. Plus Crystal Report engine v.10 integrated. Front-end report generating with custom printing formats. Support to complex formula and graphics in Reports.


Platform is FDA 21CFR Part 11 ready. Audit Trail management. FDA compliant applications very simple to create. Integration with Ms. Visual Source Safe for distributed planning in topmost security with project modification traceablility.

Extremely Efficent Connectivity

Extremely efficient connectivity, through included I/O drivers. Built-in OPC DA and OPC XML DA technology both as Client and Server. Real-Time Data also sharable in shared DB tables or Shared Memory using an appropriate I/O driver.

SoftLogic IEC 1131

Built-in SoftLogic environment with support to the 5 IEC-61131 languages. Tag Database sharing, synchronization for both Scada/HMI and SoftPLC programs. SoftPLC program runtime activated in Windows™ Real-Time Kernel (Win32 or WinCE).

Web Client Technology

The Web Client , based on Java technology, is truly web-enabled to guarantee openness and multiplatformness while maintaining performances, security and bidirectionality. Access to data from client stations also based on Javaphone cel phones (J2ME). No additional installation needed on Client or Server.

Third Party Application Integration

Great freedom to third party application integration no matter whether .exe or .DLL. Free Drivers provided for I/O sharing in shared memory. Option to use SDK for creating custom drivers.