Movicon BA for Building Automation


The Movicon Building Automation Edition has been designed to offer a powerful, open and flexible supervision platform to manage Facilities and Building Management Systems (BMS) with ease and simplicity.

Since 1990, Progea has been committed to creating powerful and innovative automation software. Based on their extensive experience, and employing the most innovative technological  solutions, the Progea team are experts in Scada/HMI solutions applicable to all sectors of civil and industrial automation.
Movicon™ BA is Progea’s Scada/HMI solution designed for Building Automation for simplicity of use with correlated support services and documentation. Dedicated to the developer community, the Progea customer support and assistance website is packed with useful tips and examples, leaving little or no need to contact the Customer Support Center directly for help. The Progea Training, Support, and Consulting services help users become familiar with functions and face every emergency with the best solutions. This will reduce installation and internal development costs.

Integrated Building Management

The ever-increasing demand for Building Automation and domotics prompted Progea to create a special poduct line for this sector. The Movicon™ BA software is more capable of making your building supervision the most powerful, open and scalable than any other software around.


Movicon™ BA is Progea’s supervision solution for intelligent buildings. Progea is a major leading expert company in supervision and control software systems (Scada/HMI). Movicon™ BA offers all the great advantages of ‘Open’ software for integration and visualization of automation systems for modern buildings, whether residential, industrial, services or big communities. Movicon™BA provides all the advantages of modern software with very flexible solutions. Great experience matured through years of success, has allowed Progea to deliver solutions to all those who demand an integrated system using an all-in-one, powerful, open, visualization and control software.

One open solution

Movicon™ BA guarantees all the openness needed in integrating all building management systems into the one same supervision project. Just the one project guaranteed to save time and resources, while increasing supervision and control potentialities at the same time.
The Movicon™ BA platform technology is completely based on the XML standard. In one-only visualization you can finally connect control buses, lights, heating and air conditioning systems, security systems, video surveillance, energy saving systems and any other devices commonly used in the building management environment.

Deployment flexibility

Thanks to the Movicon™ BA flexibilitiness, you can integrate your systems into any type of architecture, such as Desktop PCs, Media Centers, Tablet PC (Win32 or Win64), Touch Panel (WinXPE or WinCE), Palm tops or SmartPhones (Windows Mobile), or access your system through the web using any internet Browser or java phone from wherever you may happen to be in the world. There are no limits to the visualization solutions you can use to get everything under your control.

User friendly

Creating supervision projects with Movicon™ BA is simple and fun. A powerful object oriented editor allows you to create graphical interfaces with animated and interactive screen pages, using the full range of vector graphics, or you can even apply your own BMP, GIF and JPG drawings. All the tools you will ever need integrated and ready-to-use. Pre-configured graphics libraries, communication drivers, alarm management, historical logs and control, event scheduling, trends, charts are all within-a-click’s reach in an all-rolled-into­one userfriendly software environment.

Enhanced Potentialities

All conventional supervisory system limits have been surpassed. Movicon™ BA consents all the powerful functionalities typical of SCADA/ HMI systems, but with remarkably enhanced visualization potentialities. You will be provided with a powerful object-oriented environment, with powerful managements for alarms, historical logs in DBMS (ie. SQL Server, Oracle, MsAccess), trends, scenarios, schedulers and control logic. All at your complete disposal and ready-to-use in one powerful but very simple-to-use programming environment.

Cost effective

Movicon™ BA permits you to use just the one development environment for all your supervision and control systems, saving you a great deal in learning, training personnel and maintenance costs. The Movicon™ BA licenses are scalable, flexible and upgradeable to Movicon™11, contributing even further development and maintenance cost reductions.
Your building management systems can finally be completely integrated into one supervision system and accessed with palmtops or controlled externally through the Internet. All this can be done in next-to-no-time thanks to Movicon™ BA.

Integration is the keyword

Movicon™BA offers the advantage of hardware independency. This means you can use the same software in PCs, Touch Screens or Palmtops, connected buses, such as EIB/Konnex, LON, BACNet, to all the building control systems, with control panels, such as Notifier, Elkron and others, with bus systems with Modus RTU or TCP Modbus interfacing and many other system types. You can integrate CCTVs and IP Cameras and be completely free to decide and choose how you want your system by using just the one same software. Maximum deployment flexibility while safeguarding your investments at the same time all guaranteed.

Information sharing on the Net

Movicon™ BA offers the advantages of being able to freely circulate information thanks to its Networking functions in Ethernet networks and the OPC technology, allowing you to integrate your supervisor into your building’s LAN systems.

Arrange and Display All Building System Data

Movicon ™ BA integrates all architectural systems into one solution: one supervision center Movicon ™ BA offers the great advantage of being hardware-independent. This means that you can can run the same software on any PC, Touch Screen or Palmtop, connecting to all building control systems, via buses such as EIB/ Konnex, LON, BACNet, using control panels such as Notifier, Elkron and more, as well as bus systems based on Modbus RTU or TCP interface and much more. CCTV and IP Cameras can also be integrated. Another great advantage is that with Movicon ™ BA you are free to use your system of choice. No other software can give you such flexibility and enable you to safeguard your investments at the same time.


There are many other new features which make Movicon BA the most modern Scada/HMI platform currently on the facilities market.

The main features of Movicon Building Automation:


Integrated building management

Movicon™ BA uses purpose-built scheduler command objects that are simple and intuitive to use in calender planning. Calender configurations can be managed with various calender graphics or in table format which include holiday planning management as well...


Vectorial Graphics

The main purpose of any supervision system is to visualize processes in real time. Clearer vision makes way for more efficient system management. With the advancement of technology over the last decade, users now expect to find closer-to-reality system and process visualization.


Alarms Management

The powerful Movicon ™ BA alarm management handles events with great accuracy. It keeps users constantly and instantly aware of the system’s status by providing a continuous wealth f information. This information is essential to enable prompt and effective user intervention to minimize system downtime and maximize efficiency...


Logging, Analysis and Reporting

Movicon ™ BA includes powerful Data Loggers that can log any event, alarm or process information (temperatures, consumption values, etc.), and save data history to Relational Database files in full automated mode. The historical log format is open by credit of the ODBC technology, and supports SQL Server, Access, Oracle and more...


Integrated I/O Drivers

Movicon ™ BA includes several built-in communication drivers, ready for connecting the most common systems and devices used in building automation, such as networks, buses, dashboards, control units or specific devices. The main drivers include import functions to reduce configuration delays and  errors.


Web Client

The innovative Web Client technology of Movicon ™ BA transforms your supervision tool into an access point for remote monitoring and controlling the entire building. Any operating system browser will get access to view your system for full supervision independently from the server with the option to login when remote interaction is needed...


Examples of application

Movicon ™ BA makes it extremely easy to integrate and manage all systems of any building type whether residential or industrial. By using a PC workstation, a Touch Screen, mobile device or any web Browser you will be able to...


Features and Benefits

Movicon ™ BA is a fully integrated software platform offering an all-in-one monitoring and control system for all your building facilities with project editing and runtime...

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