Movicon.NExT for SCAME Furnaces

SCAME Furnaces went into operation in the 80’s to design engineer and manufacture industrial furnaces and equipment for innovative heat treatment of ferrous, stainless,  noble and precious metals.

Their activity steadily developed in this field, accumulating experience and tradition based on new technology and a philosophy devoted to combining tradition with innovation according to their motto “experiment, research and observe the markets that will tell you in what direction to go and how to do it”.

The years invested in developing systems quickly made the company competitive at European and Worldwide level in the innovative heat treatment industry with new market demands for braze furnaces running non-stop in controlled atmosphere while using nickel and copper fillers for manufacturing mild steel or stainless steel parts, annealing stainless steel parts and tubes, austempering and annealing metal materials as normally required for new usages of raw materials.

The new supervision project came into being from the need to renew the system currently deployed in their products. The Movicon.NexT’s scalability, performances, graphics and data analysis tools are key features that persuaded the customer to choose Progea as a partner for creating their first pilot project.  Until now, they had been using a supervision system that relied on an obsolete and not very flexible proprietary system.  Today, the SCAME technical developers, who have become experts through years of experience and with the support of the Progea technicians in the development and test run phase of their first equipment supervised by Movicon.NExT, will continue independently developing many other future projects.

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