License Policies for the Movicon.NExT Platform

Movicon.NExT has a new license model, even more flexible and modular for any need.

Movicon.NExT offers a client-server license model based on TAG size, giving users maximum flexibility in choosing the most suitable license based on their needs in the most cost effective way.


The runtime's License size count is in "TAG" declared into the project, exchanged with the field.  Please note that the size counting is totally different in comparison with Movicon 11, where the licenses counts I/O bytes. Movicon.NExT instead uses the TAGs, in order to gives a more suitable understanding for the market, in comparison with all our competitors. A single TAG can be defined as bit, byte, word, double, float, long.  When you are using a TAG defined as STRUCTURE or ARRAY, each single member is considered as a single TAG.

Runtime Scada for Win32/64

  • RT 50 TAGs
  • RT 100 TAGs
  • RT 200 TAGs
  • RT 500 TAGs
  • RT 1000 TAGs
  • RT 2000 TAGs
  • RT 5000 TAGs
  • RT 10.000 TAGs
  • RT 50.000 TAGs
  • RT 100.000 TAGs (unlimited)

Runtime HMI for Windows CE
Not available at this moment !

Be reminded that you can declare an unlimited number of TAGs in your project. The license only takes into account the I/O TAGs connected to the PLC and exchanged with the field.

Movicon.NExT offers a modular license with a client-server model.

Movicon.NExT has a client-server architecture, so offer you the flexibility to having a complete client-server runtime system, or maybe only a server or maybe else only a client, meaning in this case that your screen are directly connected to another server, e.g. a OPC UA server embedded into a filed device.

  1. No modules or additional software needed.
  2. License count is independent from the number of Tags declared in the project and will be expressed in "bytes" being the permitted total number of bytes that can be exchanged simultaneously within project.
  3. The peak number of bytes permitted by licence can not be exceeded for more than 2 hours continuously.
  4. The license size relates to I/O bytes and not Tags or Bits.
  5. Tags not connected to field will not be counted.

Movicon Licenses are also available as:

  • Network Architecture
  • Client Licenses
  • Network Floating Licenses (NET)
  • Terminal Server Licenses
  • Web Client (enabled only on server side)

Please contact your local distributor or our sales office for a custom quote.

The Movicon.NExT License Table

I/O TAGS Max. 2K Tags From 50 to 100K
Screens WPF/XAML Max. 32
Vectorial Symbols Libraries and Toolbox
Power Templates
3D Graphic animations Option 3D Option 3D
Alarms Max. 512
Shortcut resources
TouchScreen - Multotouch
Historical Log Events
IL – Logic Language (instruction List n.a. at this moment n.a. at this moment
VB.NET Multithreading
.NET Assembly support
Debugger OnLine/Remote n.a. at this moment n.a. at this moment
IP Camera
Kinect Gestures + Speech Recognition
Trends + Data Analisys
OPC UA Client
User & Password Management
Data Logging
Report Designer n.a Option OP RPT
I/O Drivers 1 1
Multi-Drivers n.a Option OP MDV
Downtime statisticals n.a. n.a. at this moment
OPC UA Server n.a. OP OPS
Redundance n.a. at this moment n.a. at this moment
Alarms Dispatcher SMS/E-mails n.a. OP ALD
Web Client HTML5 n.a. WBxx