Movicon.Next™ Is The Core-Component That Revolutionizes The World Of SCADA/HMI Software

Movicon.NExT™ utilizes the WPF graphics engine and DirectX graphics acceleration to offer the latest generation symbol library empowered to provide astounding graphics quality.

Today, design is an essential component of a product’s success, even more so for software applications built for user interface supervision. Applications still based on GDI (Graphics Device Interface) technology use solutions designed in the 90’s, incapable of natively exploiting all the great features now offered by the latest generation of modern hardware graphics. This is certainly not the case with Movicon.NExT™, which now uses the new WPF technology, the graphics engine for tomorrow’s applications, designed to change the way of thinking and presenting Windows user interfaces with the capacity of using modern hardware. The Movicon.NExT™ vector graphics are based on XAML surpassing previous restrictions by supporting 2D and 3D graphics with revolutionary dynamic functions to enable users more freedom to express their artistic creativity.

The symbol libraries have been created using XAML techniques to offer a rich selection of high quality objects and symbols to facilitate design engineering to achieve high-impact HMI interfaces in lesser time than before.

It is not necessary to have XAML know-how to use Movicon.NExT™, however the openness provides the opportunity for users to create symbols, 2D and 3D designs externally and implement them within the platform by using the powerful features from the XAML graphics and the Movicon.NExT™ realtime engine.