Software for monitoring and analyzing energy efficiency.

Pro.Energy© software is designed to monitor and analyze energy efficiency in any sector to help companies optimize energy efficiency and sustainability and reduced costs.

The implementation of energy management systems has fast become more important in today’s world to help reach goals to become more efficient and reduce energy consumption that constitute a large percentage of company costs and building management. Furthermore, the implementation of severe norms have led companies to adopt new standards of energy efficiency defined, for example, by the recent ISO-50001 normative relating to the Energy Management standards or EN-15232 on energy classification. Progea’s Pro.Energy is the software used for monitoring and optimizing energy efficiency to allow companies to reduce energy costs by analyzing consumption and applying efficiency concepts to obtain a significant return in costs reducing the impact of every waste on the environmental. Pro.Energy is a Movicon functional model that is used to connect to the meters deployed in the different energy sectors to measure consumption in real-time and record them on database to analyze the Energy Key Performance Indicators (EnKPI). By analytically calculating each type of energy consumption, you will be able to reduce loss in those areas indicated to increase energy efficiency and gain a rapid return on investment.

Pro.Energy is a simple and effective solution based on open, reliable and flexible technologies.

Pro.Energy aids Energy Managers and other users in analyzing company consumption in order to manage energy efficiency through valid decision-making strategies. Pro.Energy is a functional Movicon module that enables you to connect a diverse range of meters installed in various types of energy carriers to measure consumptions in real-time, record and aggregate them in a relational database (SQL Server). This data can then be analyzed by time range, carrier or cost center by comparing the different time ranges, values or manufacturing sites, independently from the deriving data source. This will greatly aid those in charge to make the right decisions and quickly put the appropriate corrective measures in to action. Pro.Energy offers safe and efficient connectivity tools that collect real-time information. A configuration wizard assists the user to associate data and create databases automatically and safely to instantly create Energy Analysis projects with immediate effect. The solution is also open to customization for field communications, displaying measures and analytical reports. In addition to bidirectional connections to managerial systems the predisposed ODBC connectors also enable the creation of simple MES solutions by cross-referencing consumption data with production data.

Pro.Energy.NExT, the software for energy efficiency

Pro.Energy is a simple and effective solution

The reliable, open, and flexible Pro.Energy technology enables efficient data collection and analysis of all energy consumption.

Pro.Energy aids Energy Managers, or anyone else responsible, to analyze energy consumption within the company so that the efficient use of energy can be achieved by means of valid decision-making strategies.  Pro.Energy is a functional Movicon module that enables you to connect a different types of meters installed in various types of energy carriers in order to measure consumption in real-time, record and aggregate them in a relational database (SQL Server). This data can then be analyzed by time range, carrier or cost center by comparing the different time ranges, values or manufacturing sites, independently from the deriving data source. This will greatly aid those in charge to make the right decisions and quickly put the appropriate corrective measures in action to obtain efficient energy use when and where needed.

Openness and Functionality

Pro.Energy© is a Movicon functional module with open and flexible architecture based on XML and SQL Server to ensure openness to integration with third-party systems and real-time functionalities, such as alarms, notifications and power load release.


Library packed with communication drivers for connecting to all types of devices such as counters, multi-meters, counters, net analyzers, PLC and IIoT systems. Connectivity using OPC as Client and Server. Real-time communication using shared DB tables also included.

Data Logging

Collected data and measures are handled by pre-configured data logger engines that record the collected real-time values on SQL Server database tables with automatic data recycling.

Energy Consumption Dashboard

Automatically created dashboards (HMI) display energy consumption in real-time. The dashboards can be customized as pleased using the Movicon graphical object functions.

Configuration Wizard

Pro.Energy has a wizard to assist users to select field variables and automatically create databases to store the collected data easily. Configure your analysis project within just a few clicks!

Ready to Use Reports

Integrated, ready-to-use and customizable analytical Reports on energy consumption, costs and performance indicators. Analytical Report management handles data and calculations with option to use custom time range, batch or other filter types along with comparisons.

Web Enabled

Data and reports displayed over the web and data on server can be accessed using internet browsers. Load release operations can also be performed over the web as well.

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Software technology for energy efficiency

Pro.Energy designed to make your plants and building systems more efficient by calculating the key performance indicators that will enable you to reduce on energy consumption and increase profits.

  Data Collection

The Pro.Energy architecture includes the Movicon connectivity technology permitting connections to any measuring, network analyzer, multi-meter, counter device, PLC or other. Drivers such as Modbus, BacNet and many more are ready for use and are simple to configure. This system also permits IIoT connectivity using specific protocols. The OPC Client and Server technology permits maximum openness towards managerial and IT systems. Pro.Energy is an open architecture that consents integration or any measuring tool used in the company and is hardware independent.

The Energy Dashboard

Pro.Energy collects data and displays it in real-time on dashboard graphics that show indicators and operating statuses in a clear and most pleasant way. Operators will find it easy to control all production situations, wherever and whenever, using this graphical web interface feature. The Dashboard interface has been designed to satisfy the most recent ergonomic requirements and is completely open to customization and integration of advanced management and control features to make it function as a supervisor.

Energy Performance Indicators

Pro.Energy offers analysis tools based on ready-to- use reports, charts and tables showing Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs). The EnPIs are essential for effective energy consumption analysis which is done by calculating different energy uses across the entire organization with the aim to reduce consumption, waste and optimize resources. A good company strategy should always provide for constant measuring and monitoring of electricity, gas, water, compressed air or steam usage to enable sustainable savings and to increase their competitiveness. In order to do this the EnPIs are the most reliable method to use for analyzing and improving energy efficiency through removing detected energy waste. Pro.Energy© collects all energy carrier data, records it on a database to enable thorough and accurate analysis using specially designed reports, charts and tables. It is based on simple and reliable technology that is ready to use but can be customized as needed. In addition to recording real-time meter measures, the system also allows the user to define and record virtual calculations. This will enable users to perform comparisons on actual behaviors with those of virtual ones, or use virtual calculations to manage and reallocate energy logic groups by, for example, recalculating specific meters. By applying these different methods Energy Managers and users will be able to obtain powerful analytical reports containing the information they need to quickly pinpoint those areas where energy is wasted and take action to remove the causes.

Meters and Measures

Pro.Energy©allows you to create reports and charts showing measures taken from various energy carrier meters based on the logic groups desired. Users can also freely define Virtual Measurements that are energy consumption values from a combination of measures and calculations or mathematical formulae. The possibility to define virtual or theoretical energy consumption values is fundamental for performing analytical comparisons with ‘real’ measures.

Energy Certification

In today’s world it is not just ‘power-hungry’ companies that need to reduce consumption. Energy use greatly contributes to company expenditures. This encourages companies to adopt energy efficiency programs not only to save on energy bills but also as a practice of sustainability that will give the company a positive image. Modern technology monitoring systems are being used to obtain energy efficiency levels that enable businesses to access incentives offered by government and power companies that make energy efficiency a worthwhile investment. In addition, the increasingly strict standards penalize ‘power-hungry’ companies and encourage them to adopt the appropriate tools for reducing consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Pro.Energy is compatible with Windows 10.

Pro.Energy is supported by Progea in Windows 10 operating system (all editions) and is fully supported in the Windows 10 Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business.