Movicon Pro.Lean

Pro.Lean is a simple solution designed to help remove inefficiencies and improve productivity.

Progea’s Lean Manufacturing and Plant Intelligence software solutions improve productivity, reduce losses and increase profits.

By using Pro.Lean you will be able to communicate with any field device or system, collect and record data on database and analyse the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and attain Downtime measurement to reduce loss and increase profits. Pro.Lean offers the option to integrate productivity line or building supervision with a rapid return on investment.

Progea’s Pro.Lean© is the software for monitoring and analysing productivity efficiency that can be applied in of all manufacturing sectors.

Pro.Lean has been designed to ensure perfect visualization of all the parameters and performance indicators that are collected from the production system and shown on dashboard display screens in real-time and used in clear and comprehensible analytic reports aimed at helping you reduce production loss and increase business.

Pro.Lean will enable you to communicate with any field system or device, collect data, record them database and analyze the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and measure Downtime with the aim to reduce loss and maximize profits.

The right solution for Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing: Performance, OEE, and Downtime Analysis

Pro.Lean© will make plant system more efficient by highlighting those key indicators that enable reduced loss and increased profits.

Openness and Security

Movicon functional model with Server and XML-based architecture. Guarantees maximum data security based on SQL Server with redundancy management.


Vast selection of communication drivers for connecting to all types of automation devices. Full connectivity via OPC with OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC XML DA technology as both Client and Server.

Data Logging

Collected data can be recorded using the Data Logger objects to record on SQL Server archive tables with automatic data recycling.

Dashboard Data

Attractive graphical dashboards to display indicators and operating statuses with great clarity. Operators will be able to supervise and control all productivity processes anywhere, anytime, by using the web interface graphics.

Configuration Wizard

Pro.Lean is equipped with a configuration wizard to enable easy field variable selection and automatic creation of data acquisition databases.

Ready to Use Reports

Pro.Lean is already equipped with performance and Downtime Analysis Reports based on the SQL Server Reporting Service.

Web Enabled

Web-based OEE dashboards, HMI interface and Reports. Data can be access on the Server by using Internet browsers. Web access even to input the stop and downtime causes.

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Immediate return on a small investment by increasing performance and reducing loss in any sector of manufacturing.

Pro.Lean© will make plant system more efficient by highlighting those key indicators that enable reduced loss and increased profits.

  Data Collection

Efficient and secure data collection from any field device and data entry terminal. All the process data collected by Movicon Pro.Lean are recorded and archived for subsequent analysis. Data tables are created automatically and the calculation database provides all the information needed for quick and effective analysis on dashboard and analytical report viewers. The collection of Alarm data, the downtime machine causes, if not already available as digital information by the PLC, may require the production unit to have a local HMI. The Pro.Lean architecture is ideal for connecting remote terminals at a low, whether as Web-based terminals or as local HMI on operator panels based on Windows CE.

KPI Performance Analysis with OEE

Pro.Lean is the most simple and cost effective solution to use for managing information flow from production lines.

Based on Industrial Connectivity and Data Collection technology which have been tested by Progea and offered with Movicon for many years, the Pro.Lean module visualizes the key performance indicators in realtime (KPI, OEE ) and Reports for analysing data collected and filed by data, shift, operator, machine, product type and batch. Thanks to the Pro.Lean solution, any manufacturing company will be able to know the true capacity of their production systems, lines and machinery by using the information provided by Pro.Lean to identify the inefficiencies and removing them in order to improve overall productivity performances.


Pro.Lean is the most simple and cost effective solution to use. Production line information flows can be managed by being aggregated and placed at the disposal of company managers with great clarity and simplicity. This tool is essential for closing the gap that is often created between the field production, company management and planning. Pro.Lean is based on Industrial Connectivity and Data Collection technology and has been tested with Movicon for many years by Progea. The Pro.Lean module provides automatic and intuitive management of the “Historian” component for collecting and recording data, the “Dashboard” component for displaying the key indicators KPI, OEE) in real time and Reports for analyzing data collected and archived by date, shift, operator, machine, product and batch. By being aided with the Pro.Lean solution each manufacturing company will be able to discover the real production capacity of their systems, production lines and machinery. Pro.Lean facilitates the task of detecting critical weak spots and defects by providing the information needed to eliminate them and improve overall efficiency. This will give production plants the opportunity to increase their value, improve productivity and thus increase profits whilst reducing investment recovery time and strengthening the entire company’s competitive presence at home and overseas.

Downtime Analysis

The Downtime analysis module is used to display statistical data concerning production downtime. This is done by graphically indicating the different classifications by sorting the analyzed data by total duration or occurrence frequency and reporting the values retrieved from the historical archives by representing them graphically with the option to filter by time range, batch, shift, operator and other. Graphs can be viewed and printed with statistics shown in histogram or overlapping curve format. In addition to the statistical calculations and graph representations, the system also allows you to view detailed reports showing a summary of all the filtered data in table format.

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Pro.Lean is compatible with Windows 10.

Pro.Lean is supported by Progea in Windows 10 operating system (all editions) and is fully supported in the Windows 10 Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business.