Movicon 11 PowerHMI

The software that meets all the needs
for HMI systems, both for PC and Windows CE.

All the experience and technology of Progea in SCADA supervision software is now available in Movicon PowerHMI, the powerful, open, flexible and independent HMI software.

The HMI software platform designed not only for Touch Panels Movicon PowerHMI is software offering simple and powerful solutions for all those who want to be independent from “hardware + software” HMI architecture and “propriety” solutions. Companies are now looking to standard and open software solutions that can make their projects independent from the hardware devices being used,, whether Touch Panel, PLC or control systems. This is where Progea’s proposal fits the bill perfectly. By exploiting all the powerful Movicon technology, they have come up with a more simplified compact version especially designed for “low-end” solutions and systems.

By just using the one development platform your Movicon XML projects can be run on Win32, Win64 or WinCE indifferently.

Movicon™ 11 technology embodies the excellence of SCADA/HMI platforms, with unrivaled transparency, simplicity and performances. As the Movicon™ 11 is one of a kind, completely based on XML standards and well established technologies such as Web Services, SVG graphics, OPC, SQL, ODBC, .Net as well as Java technology and APPs for Web Client solutions.

Movicon CE is a runtime engine for Windows CE that offers powerful and open HMI solutions. By just using the one development platform your Movicon XML projects can be run on Win32, Win64 or WinCE indifferently. Movicon™ CE is the most powerful HMI platform available for Windows™ CE today, entirely capable of satisfying your every need in visualization and control in a compact environment without forgoing the potentiality of the Scada system. Movicon™ CE is a runtime engine with runs the same Movicon™ 11 XML projects. Your projects can therefore be run on your HMI device, in operator terminals, PDA, Palmtop PCs, Smartphones, mobile and Wireless Systems (Pocket PC and HPC2000), autonomously and independently, without needing client stations and other applications. In fact, your WinCE device can be the Server or Web Server itself, to other client stations. Movicon™ CE, installed on your WinCE device will therefore run projects created by your Movicon™11 platform: one project only, the same file, run on different platforms all made possible by the project’s XML structure. This means greater management simplicity, significant reductions in maintenance costs and maximum information transparency.

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Choose your preferred hardware, without worrying about the software.

Imagine a software adaptable to your every need: Movicon is the visualization solution for maximum success with minimum effort.

Thanks to the great experience in SCADA technology, Progea offers powerful able to guarantee sophisticated functionality than simple HMI software, but easy to use, scalable and more powerful . The Progea HMI software are designed for embedded systems and PC, with scalability from small Windows CE-based operator panels up to PC with Win32 / 64 systems.

The great advantage is the availability of a single editor to create HMI projects for distribution from the PC to the smallest operating unit.

Touch and Multitouch

Movicon PowerHMI fully supports touch screen
management with an integrated, native and
simple to use feature.

Network Integration

Movicon PowerHMI offers the advantage of free information circulation tusing Networking functions in Ethernet and the OPC technology to enable HMI integration with company Ethernet network systems.


Data access security is guaranteed by a powerful and reliable user management. 1024 Hierarchical levels and 16 different access areas are at your disposal. Users can also be added in runtime. FDA CFR21 Part 11 compliant project developing is also consented.

Schedulers, Events and IP Camera

Movicon PowerHMI has powerful objects and tools for enhancing the performance of your HMI project
both on PC and WinCE.

Data Loggers, Recipe, Trends

Purpose-built objects and Wizards provide enhanced recipe and relating historical log management.


Movicon™ provides the use of Textual and Embedded Reports for embedded systems such as mobile and WinCE devices that require simple and scalable reports.

Integrated VBA and PLC logic

Movicon PowerHMI offers the exclusive advantage of full
VBA support (Visual Basic for Application comp.). In addition, it is the only HMI product that ensures VBA code syntax is preserved in your WinCE device.

Remote Control and Teleservice

Remote access via modem, both for accessing remote operator terminals and consenting remote users to access PLCs connected to device in transparent mode.

I/O Connectivity

Many I/O free and integrated communication Drivers for any automation device. Tag importing and support for custom drivers.

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Movicon™ HMI solutions enables you to connect your HMI touch panel to your enterprise network to improve information flow in real-time. Movicon CE also supports the MS SQL CE 3.0 technology, expanding and simplifying historical data management and integration.

Power Enhancement

Movicon HMI includes most of the graphical features provided in the Movicon™ 11 SCADA remarkably enhancing data visualization. The Movicon graphics are superior to any other HMI software. Not only are its graphics unrivaled, it will also empower you to venture beyond the simple HMI: Powerful Alarm Management, Historical log management with relational DB integration via Networking, Trends, Data Analysis, Schedulers, IP Camera, Recipes in DB, VBA Scripts, dispatching e-mails and SMS and Web Client, all ready-to-use within one powerful, simple programming environment that only Movicon™ can truly provide.

Cost Effective

Deploying the all-in-one developer environment of Movicon HMI in your enterprise as SCADA supervision on PC and remote HMI operator terminals, will save you time and money spent on learning, training personnel and maintenance. Movicon HMI enables you to visualize and control your machines using the Microsoft Windows™ HMI OS to guarantee the maximum scalability possible to your software platform, all while protecting your investments. Movicon HMI is the most powerful HMI platform available for Windows, HMI capable of satisfying every visualization and control need within a ‘compact’ environment without forfeiting the potential that a typical SCADA provides.


  1. The Web client technology also provides access from remote PC stations with any browser, smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS)
  2. All-in-one development and configuration environment:Movicon XML projects can run on both Win32/64 and WinCE
  3. Unmatched graphics and monitor resolution independence
  4. Multitouch
  5. Powerful dynamic animation features
  6. Rich library of graphical objects and symbols
  7. Powerful Alarm and Message management
  8. Historical Event Log archives, also in SQL Server DB, with order by filters
  9. Event notifications with SMS and e-mail
  10. Object-oriented Recipe management
  11. Historicals and Data Loggers in open archives, both in text and SQL Server DB format
  12. Integrated sequential IL Logic
  13. Basic Scripts with VBA syntax
  14. Vast library containing a variety of native drivers with support to Multidriver connections
  15. Built-in Networking
  16. OPC UA Client, OPC DA Client
  17. User and Password management containing 1024 levels and 16 areas.
  18. Supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  19. Remote control and Teleservices
  20. IP camera support
  21. Events and Schedulers
  22. Project Debug and Upload
  23. Web Client technology

Supported Windows CE devices

Movicon CE has been installed and tested with several industrial HMI devices which include:

  • ADS-Tech
  • Advantech TPC
  • Asem
  • Beckhoff CX1000
  • B&R PowerPanel
  • ConPro9 - Sisav
  • Divus Exor
  • ESA Elettronica
  • Future Pad Fujitsu
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Keba
  • Mettler & Fuchs
  • MSC Computers
  • Pilz HMI
  • Phoenix Contact
  • ProFace
  • ROI Computer
  • Siemens MP277
  • Siemens MP377
  • Sitek
  • Suetron

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