New Yaskawa Driver for Movicon 11.4

After Yaskawa acquired the majority shares of VIPA in 2013, VIPA, an OEM Progea partner, started to introduce the Yaskawa devices in its new range of products by offering a complete PLC, I/O remote, HMI, Drive and Motion package.

Thereafter, Progea got to work developing a native driver for the Yaskawa devices to permit highly efficient connectivity between devices that are reliable, high-performing and capable of drastically reducing development times.

The already wide ranging Movicon 11.4 driver library has therefore been further enriched with the new “Yaskawa MP IEC Modbus” communication driver.   This driver permits communication with the Yaskawa motion controllers from the MPIEC series and the server devices that support the Modbus/TCP communication protocol.

The following device typologies can now be selected within the driver’s station configuration pages:

  • -General Modbus TCP
  • -MP2600IEC
  • -MP23x0IEC
  • -MP3x00IEC (

    MP3x00IEC (FW3.0)

The driver offers the possibility to insert the data addresses in two formats: the classical Modbus format and the Yaskawa format. The driver automatically validates and converts the Yaskawa address to the Modbus address. The variable import file is the same as for the “Modbus TCP/IP” driver.

For further information please contact technical support by email at:

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