Calculate and analyze overall equipment effectiveness to improve production efficiency

Now Available: OEE Starter Pack

For a limited time, Progea is offering an OEE starter pack to help you calculate and analyze overall equipment effectiveness to improve production efficiency.

Progea’s OEE Starter pack can be used as a template to turn any Movicon SCADA Pro project into a robust, intuitive and comprehensive OEE reporting and visualization application. Sample OEE calculations, reports and a dashboard are included.


Hourly reports, shift reports, daily reports, weekly reports and more can be configured to be generated anywhere. All reports can be viewed, sent as a PDF or printed. The following OEE and Event based report examples are included in the OEE Starter Pack.

OEE Reports

  • Daily OEE View: one day to many days, resolution is one-day.
  • Hourly OEE View: one hour to many hours, resolution is in hours.

Event Reports

  • Event Details: all events with time stamp, category totals, duration, # of events.
  • Category – Event Totals: event totals by category, duration, count.
  • Events – Category Totals: category totals, duration, count.


A customizable Movicon screen that can be connected to your PLC tags. The screen is vector based allowing it to scale from a phone, tablet, workstation to a large digital display.

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