OEM Partnerships

OEM Partners

OEM partnerships are established within Progea's business model and are a long term investment for both parties.

Partners are not just a company reselling our software; strong steady relationships between the Progea and OEM development teams ensure tight integration of Movicon technology with our partners' solution offerings.

Some of our partners choose to redistribute our software under the Movicon brand name, taking advantage of our brand name in the marketplace. Others prefer to market their solutions using our software under their own brand name using their own identity.

No matter what you choose to do, Progea will always be the right technological partner in providing you with top quality HMI and SCADA software with top professional services.

By being a partner you will be able to offer the automation market serious and complete solutions as well as drastically reduce investment costs and time-to-market.

Progea OEM Services includes the following:

  • Customized Service
  • Product brand-labeling
  • Customized license or royalties policy
  • Installation customization
  • CD creation
  • Product documentation transformation
  • Customized Training
  • Application Engineering
  • Project assistance engineering

Are you interested in becoming a Partner?

Would you like to receive more information relating the benefit and the product's customization? Call us! We have the right solutions to fit your needs, giving the added value to increase your business.