OPC has long been a standard interface to improve communication between numerous data sources, including devices on a factory floor, laboratory equipment, test system fixtures and databases.  Building on these Classic OPC standards, OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is a new communication technology standard, which was first released by the OPC Foundation in 2006 as an improvement on its predecessor…

OPC UA expands on the security and functionality of Classic OPC to an enterprise-wide focus and is now the most widely supported, and most secure automation interoperability framework.

According to the OPC Foundation, there are six key features that OPC UA delivers to end-users for enterprise wide integration:

  • Ease of use
  • Plug and play
  • High reliability and redundancy
  • Enhanced performance
  • Multiplatform support
  • Easy migration plan for existing OPC products to OPC UA

However, historically developing OPC UA applications has taken several weeks of coding and even longer to deploy due to the complexity of integrating various hardware and software applications across the enterprise.

With Progea’s upcoming launch of the Automation Platform.NExT, the latest in real time integration software, now you can interface your hardware enterprise-wide in just hours, including advanced features like real time data, HMI screens, real time Web, a fully-fledged historian, and more.

Progea will be hosting OPC UA webinars and live workshops starting September 25 & 26 in Philadelphia, PA. For more information click here. If you’d like to learn more about today, email info@progea.us or call (888) 305-2999 set up your individualized session with an industry expert today. 

For over 20 years Progea has been offering the best solutions in complete visualization and control, traceability and compliance requirements around the globe.  Progea’s real time integration software is turn-key with many features right out of the box, but can be customized to meet specific business demands across multiple geographic locations.

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