Open Platform

Innovative Solutions With Open Platform And Solid Technological Foundations

Automation Platform.NExT™ is the open and scalable solution based on new technologies...

The Progea software technology surpasses all automation design engineer's expectations of today. Progea sought to build a modular platform capable of ensuring the scalability needed for modern day automation systems combined with openness that is essential for customizing software systems as required by customers operating in the different manufacturing, infrastructure, energy, food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. Automation Platform.NExT ™ offers an intuitive configuration environment to facilitate the process of creating even the most complex projects entailing the integration of system function models or those designed by third parties. Configuration, communication, visualization, data logging, analysis, security, control, information distribution at all company levels, local or geographically distributed. All easily accessible the one platform that offers advantages of both total integration and plug-in modularity.

New software architecture concepts...

Automation Platform.NExT™ has been designed using innovative criteria to drastically reduce development time which constitutes more than 80% of the project engineering costs.

Progea’s extensive research and development work combined with its vast experience in supervision software has enabled them to achieve the highest product technology quality currently available in industrial automation software. Reducing development time is a major concern for most SCADA/HMI user companies. Platform.NExT™ is fully equipped with just the right tools to guarantee that your work and time is safeguarded. The objective to provide a unique all-in-one platform has been realized with Platform.NExT™, where ideas and innovation find solid foundations of technology. By using the plug-in technology, the platform is totally integrated but at the same time modular and open for integrating plug in modules customized on the Progea Framework. This allows users to expand potentiality by customizing the system toward vertical solutions and surpass the restricted use of 'closed' technologies.The.NET technology will also provide users greater expandability with the fully integrated .NET assembly and user controls.