Packaging Giant Adds Technology With Movicon SCADA/HMI Software Platform

By offering advanced control and supervision as part of their packaging line machinery, the GIMA company has been able to gain a competitive edge and new customers. This has all been made possible by Movicon software.

Founded in 1977, the GIMA company of Italy is a leader in the design and manufacture of automated packaging equipment for the food and beverage industries.

The company is a true innovator developing higher speed packaging technology and better methods for sealing in food freshness.

In 2008, one of their customers, the famous Wrigley chewing gum company, had a very challenging request. Wrigley wanted a standardized method for supervising all of their production lines even though those lines included different machine configurations, different operating speeds and different output levels.

This challenge required designing a modular and flexible software platform that could be connected to any packaging machine and packaging lines from one to ten machines.

For this difficult task, GIMA choose the Movicon SCADA/HMI platform.

With the Movicon platform, GIMA not only met Wrigley’s goals for advanced supervision of line performance, units produced, shifts and downtime — it went beyond their expectations to include a scalable network with real-time reporting and remote access to all information via the internet.

The Movicon platform helped to provide advanced supervision for Wrigley.

Rather quickly, GIMA recognized the value of Movicon not just for Wrigley’s packaging lines but for virtually any of their customers.

The decision was made to make Movicon a technology component of every GIMA packaging machine and system.

With Movicon, GIMA has been able to provide vastly improved overall control and supervision of packaging lines and processes for their customers.

Reviewing Status In Real-Time

Movicon technology provides operators with a clear picture of ongoing statuses in real-time for the entire packaging line. These line personnel receive an extensive range of OEE and statistical data.

This information can be provided on a screen page for each machine in a packaging line. Set-up pages can be configured to highlight any individual batch statistic.

Adjustable settings and real-time data are all part of the Movicon package.

The Movicon technology provides graphics and numeric values for:

  • Batch number IDs
  • Product settings
  • Product type
  • Batch name assigned by customer
  • Set quantity of units
  • Produced quantity of units
  • Produced unit percentage
  • Production line working time of batch being run
  • Production line speed
  • Time clock for persons working current shift

All data is recorded in database archives through an Ms SQL Server 2000. The system allows this data to be monitored by line managers and GIMA at the same time and from different locations.

This allows production managers to work with GIMA staff to quickly make adjustments, improve production and reduce downtime.

In-depth reports shown in real-time provide operators with crucial information.

The supervisor performs statistical analysis on recorded data by managing:

  • Alarm statistics (frequencies and duration – displayable both in table and graph format.)
  • Statistical graphics showing line productivity (pie chart based on work shifts, total product line performance and pie chart for each machine.)
  • Tables for displaying production line counters for selected time ranges and alarm list histories.

This data is selectable using filters to retrieve data by time period, batch number and production batch.

At the end of each shift, the Movicon system will automatically create an EXCEL file containing production line information. The system will also automatically email this data to a list of predefined recipients. All data is secure and password protected.

The Movicon Web Client technology makes it possible to evaluate production lines in real-time from any location. All data is available to remote users including production line staff, maintenance technicians and GIMA design engineers.

Authorized staff can view any information they need by accessing the web with any browser or mobile device.

Increasing Customer Productivity

Because of the Movicon system, GIMA now has a standard solution that can be implemented in any type of production line and for virtually any type of machine. The result has been increased productivity for customers and a competitive advantage for GIMA.

You could say that together, GIMA and Movicon offer a package deal that’s great for anyone in the food and beverage market.

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