Movicon PowerHMI Edition

Movicon PowerHMI© is configurable to meet all application needs by allowing users to access and scale the operating system as required..

This product is designed to fill in the gap between conventional HMI products and fully blown industrial PCs, by offering increased functionality and flexibility over conventional HMIs that will cost less than any industrial PC.

Remote Control and Teleservice

Movicon PowerHMI guarantees remote access via modem, both for accessing remote operator terminals and consenting remote users to access PLCs connected to device in transparent mode, for instance, to allow full maintainability at a distance. The upload/download project functions can also be managed by remote control.

Web Client

The Movicon PowerHMI versions provide Web Client integrated functionalities for accessing Operator Panels via the web using normal internet browsers.

SQL Server CE Support

The Movicon PowerHMI versions provide integrated support to historical data records using the Ms SQL Server CE format, to further enhance historical data management, manipulation and sharing.

Notifying Events with SMS and Email

The Movicon PowerHMI versions have an inbuilt Alarm Dispatcher for sending Alarm and Event notifications to personnel by SMS or Email.

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Movicon HMI software key features:

  • Only one Editor for XML-based projects from Windows™ CE to Windows™ 8
  • Project Scalability, from PowerHMI systems to Movicon Scada platform
  • Wide ranging I/O Driver Library included, with automatic Tag importing from PLCs
  • Vectorial Graphics Editor with powerful and appealing object library
  • Powerful and complete range of graphical animation functions and Templates technology
  • Complete Alarm management with Event Log
  • Historical log management in XML or DB
  • Recipe object-oriented management,import-export
  • Data Loggers in XML or DB
  • Built-in Ethernet TCP-IP Networking
  • Powerful Historical and Dynamic Trends, with Data Analysis functions
  • Powerful User and Password management
  • Powerful VBA scripting, multithreading
  • Built-in AWL Logic (Step5/Step7)
  • Event and Scheduler Objects
  • IP camera viewer management
  • OPC Client
  • Modem managent in PLC for remote control
  • Bridging management for Teleservice on PLC
  • Remote project control management, Debugger and file transferability included
  • Support to Web Client, SQL CE and Event
  • Notifications via SMS and Email in WinCE