Powerful Built-in Features

An Editor rich in functionalities and objects means project development time saved writing less code.

Every developer is well aware the more tools they have at their disposal, the much quicker it is to create projects, confidently knowing they have the full potentiality to deliver client satisfaction. Movicon™11 has been designed to do just this by offering a wide range of functionalities, native and integrated in the platform to cover every developer need. These include a great variety of resources and objects, pre-built and totally configurable to satisfy every industrial and civil supervision need. These features have been designed to help the user create sophisticated projects in the simplest and easiest guided way possible:


The scheduler objects are innovation at its best to offer you numerous functionalities for maximum configurability. These objects are executable in runtime based on different presettable time ranges. The Movicon™11 schedulers manage different calendar dates and plans, with freely configurable time formats, for any command. The user is free to decide which commands or events to Schedule for activation in their own calendar date plan or holiday plans. The schedulers are powerful visual planners that are fully supported in Web Client and Windows CE runtime as well.

Event Objects

All the project commands can be managed through event objects within the project. Command lists can be defined and configured through the wide range of functionalities and actions provided. Event objects are great time savers. No need to write code because commands can be executed within the project by being associated to events generated by tags or by actions associated to command objects (ie. Buttons, menus, etc.).

Touch Screen Functions

The complete support of HMI devices with Touch Screens is a fundamental requisite for supervisory systems. All objects needing data settings can be associated to a virtual system keypad (NumPad or Alphanum Pad) or to a custom replacement. Support to Touch Screens is totally automatic, easy and effortless with the purposely provided fully custom Movicon™11 graphics.

Keyboard Management

Keyboard management generally consents you to create commands in association to keys or combo-keys known as ‘Accelerators’ or ‘shortcuts’. These very useful functions can become indispensable to systems without mouse pointer devices or touch screens. Movicon™ 11 allows you to manage commands in the project’s ‘shortcut’ resource to associate the keys directly within the graphical object properties to create command equivalences.

Scaling and Statistics in Tags

Tags consent to intelligent scaling parameter definitions (engineering unit conversions). The purpose-built ‘Scaling’ objects permit further conversions, allowing the more complicated “non linear conversions’ to be managed with simplicity. In addition, all tags allow you to manage statistic values such as min and max, average, total time ON values in daily, monthly and yearly parameters.

Editor Menu

Movicon™11, as before, provides you with a “Menu” resource to allow you create menu objects and submenus structured for managing commands in the project’s user interface. Pop-up menus or custom system menus committed to the active window can be visually edited.

Speech Recognition

Movicon™11 now supports the Speech Recognition functionality that can be defined through the Shortcut objects to allow commands, associated to keyboard key strokes, to also activate on vocal command once acknowledged and confirmed by the integrated Speech Recognition system.

IP Camera Support

Movicon™11 now supports a very handy native and integrated video IP camera function in ethernet. The IP camera viewer object, found in the Movicon™ 11 toolbox, used on screen will show streaming video images from the IP video camera and is managed like all other objects. The great advantage you get from using this feature is that images can be transmitted via Web or shown in HMI panels based on Windows CE, without any effort or complications.

International Texts

The Movicon™11 projects have crossed their borders and gone International. The number of different languages that each Movicon™11 project can contain is virtually unlimited. Projects can be changed to any character type (Unicode also with UTF-16 coding for Asian and Arabic characters). The texts are managed in a String Table within the project, which is completely compatible with copying & pasting directly from the Ms Excel™ Editor. Each language corresponds to an XML text file. Each language can be changed and activated straight away, whether in Editor or Runtime mode. Specific languages can be activated for specific users in the Log for so that the system Font will automatically change according to user logged in.