Powerful Features & Modules

Powerful Features

Powerful integrated features for a new design engineering experience

Movicon.NExT ™ offers efficient all-in-one solutions for creating powerful graphical HMI and Scada interfaces with great effect.  The toolbox includes objects purposely designed for viewing data from server modules that  include the Historian, Schedulers and Alarm management.   Every thing you will ever need has been integrated within Movicon.NExT ™ ready and easy to use and for the most complex visualization features.

Built-in geo-localization

Movicon.NExT™ projects can be geo-localized. Integration with cartography and geographical maps allow the user to define geographic co-ordinates for specific screens or projects to dynamically display desired access points and information on maps.

Using the navigation and zoom techniques within this geographical map system will simplify distributed information management in different territorial locations. Maps can be used to represent the operational status of localized projects to obtain a rapid geographic collocation of information and navigability.

Multilanguage texts with simultaneous translation

Each Movicon project can contain an unlimited number of text strings in all languages to localize the project with any language or character set (Unicode also with UTF-16 code for Asian and Arabic characters). Texts are managed in the project’s string table which is fully compatible with the copy and paste function directly from editors such as MS Excel™ Movicon projects are truly international. Powerful built-in text management tools are specially designed to manage text faster, such as the automatic text translation to languages used in project. Any language can be changed and activated instantly,  whether in Editor or Runtime mode. Specific languages  can be activated for specific users when logging on and system fonts will adapt accordingly to the changed language making Movicon.NExT™ truly international.

Scheduler Server Module for scheduling commands and events.This function and command scheduler server module has been purposely designed to make object configuring extremely easy and functional to perform specific functions according to a time schedule or planned expiry date.This module function as a independent Server within the platform, and receives which commands to activate and deactivate according to scheduled activation expiry times (repetitive or cyclic, preset date and time) both in develop and runtime mode.Configuration operations can also be performed in runtime on HMI client side using a predisposed graphical object for this task that is available in the Movicon.NExT ™  toolbox.

Integrating new and third party modules in Platform.NExT ™

The Platform.NExT ™ technology has been purposely designed to be modular and scalable. In addition to the suite of function modules provided by Progea, users can also develop and add new modules in the platform of their own for creating vertical and integrated solutions. This gives users the advantage of using the platform's functions to optimize their work, increase potentiality and reduce development time and management costs.  Progea offers wizard models for Ms Visual Studio 2012 to provide users with all they need for building their function modules in as little time as possible by using the .NET and C# technology.

Furthermore, Progea can also provide documentation, SDKs and the necessary information to help user create their own vertical solutions to integrate with the Platform.NExT ™ technology.