Movicon 11 PowerHMI for Win32/64 (2048 bytes)

The HMI software platform designed not only for Touch Panels, Movicon 11 PowerHMI is software offering simple and powerful solutions for all those who want to be independent from “hardware + software” HMI architecture and “propriety” solutions.



Movicon 11 PowerHMI for Windows 32 or 64 bit OS (2048 bytes)

  • Easy-to-use, Drag-n-drop editor, Native Drivers (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Beckhoff, B&R, and more)
  • Tag Impoting, Data Logging & Recipes, Trends & Reporting
  • Multi-touch, 21 CFR Part 11 & GAMP5 Security, Schedulers
  • IP Camera Integration, VBA & VB.NET Scripting

All the experience and technology of Progea in SCADA supervision software is now available in Movicon PowerHMI, the powerful, open, flexible and independent HMI software. By using just the one development platform your Movicon XML projects can be run on Windows 32 & 64 bit PCs or Windows CE indifferently.


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