The Progea Group

Dynamic evolution is Progea’s philosophy.

Progea is an international company highly experienced in automation software product solutions. The company has been operating for more than 25 years, producing industrial software with a steady growth in sales and an expanding international presence. Progea has had the insight to regulate its growth, investing in technological innovation and R&D more than in marketing, while pursuing long-term goals based on concreteness and reliability. It does so even though this is a sector in which marketing often overrides the importance of technology.

Protagonists in a fast-growing automation software sector, Progea continues to expand reach, not only based on product quality but also for its top-notch product-related support and services.

The company’s enthusiasm is reflected in the top-quality products developed for customers. The team is efficient in planning, supporting, and promoting some of the most innovative SCADA/HMI software on the international market, and company insight and good strategic planning have been rewarded with market gain in international markets. The development of Progea’s distribution network overseas has played a crucial part in this achievement, allowing it to establish international partnerships that include some of the most prestigious companies in the world: Phoenix Contact, ASEM, Panasonic, VIPA, and Suetron, just to mention a few. These partnerships prove that the advanced technology of Progea software is the best in SCADA/HMI platforms.

progea organization

The Team

Progea is a dynamic company run by a vibrant, motivated team of managers, design engineers, and technicians. What makes us special is the teamwork among these groups; we’re all enthusiastically involved in the Movicon™ project, a passion that results in optimal information sharing and in overall product quality.

With headquarters in Modena, Italy, the Progea group consists of an international sales and distributor network. Progea currently employs more than 40 people, 75% of whom are engineers and technicians dedicated to product development and customer care services.

The Progea software technology is designed and engineered in its main offices in Modena, Milan, and Padova. The company also has a presence in Germany, the United States, and Switzerland, representing Progea throughout an international network consisting of over 40 distributors worldwide.