Progea confirms its presence in India with JVC Aichelin Unitherm.

JVC Aichelin Unitherm Heat Treatment Systems India Private Limited – headquartered in Talegaon, Pune, India – is the resulting company of Unitherm Engineers Limited (India) e Aichelin Holding GmbH (Austria). They are the technological leader for industrial plants and components for the heat and thermochemical treatment of metal parts. The activities include all phases of construction, production and remote maintenance services. JVC Aichelin Unitherm held the most advanced know-how in the field of process engineering and heat treatment, ensured by continuous development and innovation of its products. The R & D team of JVC Aichelin Unitherm decided, after careful research in the world SCADA market, to use Movicon by Progea for an important project of control and analysis of a Sealed Quench Furnace. From the main supervision page it is possible to set and check all the operations necessary for the correct functioning of the Sealed Quench Furnace. Besides the system monitoring and analyzing the large quantity of data received from the field, in order to set the functional parameters of the ovens for production optimization and energy saving, all data and operations of the ovens are also viewable in real time through the Movicon Trend Analysis.

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