Progea’s Movicon 11.4 Enhancements: More Features, Greater Usability

Progea has just released Movicon 11.4, a software version with a number of new features that make the product even more powerful – and compatible with the previous version of Movicon, thus allowing the implementation of these new features a breeze for our current customers.

What can you look forward to with this new release? Here’s just a glimpse at the valuable enhancements we’ve made – enhancements that will give you greater control, more perspective, stronger connection and increased ease of use:

New multi-touch features give operators more direct interaction, as well as:

More detailed and complete visualization

Pinch & Zoom – makes it simple to display a large area or fine detail

For example: You can create a screen with objects and as you zoom into the objects, more details/information can be made visible (see image below)

Pan of Screen Area – reaches areas at a defined zoom level

More intuitive navigation

Screen Change – touch screen swipe navigation

Pan of List – scroll the list without using the scroll bar

Scroll of Screen Pages – for more natural navigation

Improved safety

Double-Tap command – reduces risk of mistaken operator commands

Button Inter-lock – allow for pressing two control buttons simultaneously

For example: You could design a control sequence that executes only after the user has pressed two areas on the touch screen, thus verifying the input was intended (see image below)

But that’s not all. We’ve also added a number of other features in these categories:

  • Screens and Objects – emitting sounds at the touch of a button and various functions for the Trend and Data Analysis management
  • Historic Database – database format support, user management, etc.
  • OPC UA Gateway – component that provides a gateway between OPC DA and devices supporting OPC UA
  • Alarm Notification (Voice calling) – sequencing notification calls to users
  • Scheduling
  • Communication Drivers – new drivers!
  • APP – iOS has been implemented with Pinch & Zoom along with further performance enhancements
  • Windows CE – printer support

Want to learn more?

To get a more in-depth look at all the new Movicon 11.4 features, sign-up for a demo today!  This new version will be available shortly on DVD as well.

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