Q: How Does Progea Handle it’s SCADA/HMI Software Updates?

This question comes up all the time:

Q: How does Progea handle it’s SCADA/HMI software updates? And the cost?

A: Progea software updates are typically released quarterly. These updates include new feature implementation as well as any minor bug fixes. The most recent Movicon version 11.3 build 1105 (11.3.1105) became available earlier this month. You can see a list of features added and bugs fixed by visitinghttp://www.progea.us/support/bug-base/ and navigating to the release of interest.

Previous to this version was Movicon 11.3 build 1104 (11.3.1104) released on December 31, of 2012. Users can easily upgrade to the latest version by uninstalling the current Movicon 11.3 install and downloading the new version from the Progea website. Once the download is complete, simply install and start taking advantage of the new features.

When updating the software within the same platform, in this case Movicon 11, the updates are available at no cost to the user. For example if a license was purchased of Movicon 11.1 build 1056 (11.1.1056) and the user updates to Movicon 11.3 build 1105 (11.3.1105) there is no cost to do so. Only when updating between platforms is there an upgrade fee, like for users of Movicon X wanting to upgrade to the current Movicon 11 platform. This type of upgrade is pro-rated depending on which previous version the user is upgrading from, allowing for credit of a previous license.

The Movicon 11 platform was originally released early 2008.

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