Rapid Development

A modern and intuitive configuration environment for all platform modules.

The Automation Platform.NExT™ workspace is the result of further Progea technology evolution deriving from research conducted in software ergonomics combined with the vast experience of a company that takes feedback and demands from design engineers all over the world seriously. The Platform.NExT™ configuration environment far exceeds any other product for simplicity of use and intuitiveness by offering the use of intelligent editors and auto-configuration tools, wizards and tag importers. Platform.NExT™ is a pleasure to use for engineering automation projects with exceptional visual impact in next-to-no-time, enabling you to safeguard your investments.

A Progea designed .NET Framework, one work-space for all Plug-in technology

Progea delivers an innovative work-space with totally integrated work environment that offers a customizable Progea framework with plug-in technology, revolutionary graphics with enriched symbol libraries containing smart graphics of every typology, an open communication model, independent persistent data architecture, web performing and cross-platform technology. The vast experience united with the capacity to be innovative has empowered Progea to design an exceptional project that will become a role model for all future SCADA/HMI architectures.

Automation Platform.NExT ™ is one of the most ambitious projects in the field of industrial software technology, offering the base-line for realizing any type of automation application. As a base-line it covers all the fundamental requirements such as data acquisition and I/O servers, historicals, visualization, analysis, reports, plant intelligence with MES solutions, control and monitoring with Soft PLC solutions, alarm and downtime management, Web-enabled visualization and control plus other unlimited feature uses due to the modular architecture which is open to third party function model integration to enable the basis of collaborative engineering. This platform concept will enable companies to expand their application possibilities, simplify the realization complex systems, reduce software development and maintenance costs and increase the life cycle of their solutions.