Movicon Services The Alpine Skiing Automation Industry

The Interalpin 2015 fair, which took place earlier this year in Innsbruck, Austria, is the international reference point for the alpine industry. Progea was at the fair to exhibit the latest supervision functionalities that were launched in the Snow Visual application.

In this exciting sector, alpine automation technology plays an important role that is not apparent to the average skier. When we go skiing we don’t often think about the sophisticated technology working behind the scenes to ensure an enjoyable day on the slopes.

One example of alpine automation includes the complex and sophisticated artificial snow systems that are used to ensure that winter sport enthusiasts see white. The use of Movicon SCADA technology, together with a complex distributed PLC network system, allows ski resorts to guarantee visitors perfect snow conditions using artificial snow.

Beyond controlling snow conditions to keep skiiers happy, resort managers also use this technology to intelligently manage energy consumption by controlling the snow making machines in combination with environmental parameters./p>

Operators can monitor and control the entire system utilizing various workstations equipped with intuitive graphic screens mapped out for the ski area. Operators can also interact with the system using a mobile device without having to get off their snowmobiles. 

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