Report Management

Platform.NExT™ Offers Unbeatable Report Management Potentiality

The Platform.NExT ™ Report Manager offers a complete and integrated solution for creating and displaying powerful data analysis Reports. The built-in powerful Report Generator,based on .NET technology.

The built-in powerful Report Manager offers Platform.NExT ™ users a powerful and flexible tool for generating, performing and distributing data reports to cover any data analysis requirement no matter how sophisticated.  The analysis are performed on data recorded by the Platform such as archives managed by the Historian.  Analysis and Reports can also be performed on any source of data as well as connecting to existing relational DBs of any type to offer the widest range of flexibility possible.  the Report Manager module offers a visual object-oriented interface that enables the user to create Reports following a short step-by-step procedure  or wizards and templates.

By using the Report Manager, based on .NET technology, the user will be able to create powerful visual reports intuitively by using the tools provided in the toolbox.  Once the data source  has been established (i.e. database tables) the report can be easily built using fields, tables, statistics and 2D and 3D graphics. All types of analysis tools are supported such as multi-level filters, grouping and sort by, calulation or formula functions, Reports Master and Sub-Reports.

The user can display, print or export their reports which support all export formats such as PDF, HTML, RTF, XPS, or  Excel XLS and XLSX formats.  A navigation tool has been provided for the user managing complex reports which can be used for mapping reports to be viewed in a hierarchy using the tree structure.

The Reports can be published through the Web by using the Report Manager module functions which are supported by the Web Server Module. When projects are published via the web using the Web Server module, the report will be displayed via web using the Platform.NExT ™  HTML5 technology.