The easiest way to understand the power, flexibility, and scalability of our SCADA/HMI software is to put it to the test.

Our Movicon® 11 download contains the complete application and all of the necessary components to build and run a project so you can see the benefits of the software firsthand. The architecture, simplicity and performance of Movicon 11 make it a perfect SCADA/HMI solution for any sector in the world of automation.

Some of the other key attributes you will experience when working with Movicon 11:

The projects are XML based offering support to the latest Microsoft technologies for seamless integration with your third party solutions. These simple XML files, can also be opened and edited with other editors for easy management and updates.

Non-proprietary solution, vectorial editor, VBA script engine, data base plug-ins (already in use by your IT department), historical package included...


Projects, even though based on XML, can be encrypted with 128 bit coding algorithms. The FDA CFR21 Part 11 normative is completely integrated in the platform, making it extremely simple to create FDA ready applications. With a 1024 levels and 16 areas of access, security can easy be configured for even the most critical of applications.

Movicon™ 11 is completely based on standard technologies, making sure that your investments are well safeguarded.

Powerful webclient technologies based on Java, allow you to publish your application in a few mouse clicks. Wether using a standard web browser or one of our easy to use apps (iOS, Android, and RIM) your application can be available when and where you need it.

You can download your FREE software demo today by completing the form on the right, the first step in discovering how you can deliver SCADA/HMI solutions your clients will find both useful and easy to use.