Progea Presents Automation Platform.NExT™
The New Era of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

The new software platform with ultimate technology.

Automation Platform.NExT ™ is a software architecture designed for building the foundations of modern automation software.  It is an open and scalable platform, based on .NET using the latest software technologies and modular concepts with “plug in” technology.  An industrial software architecture made more open and scalable with integrated functional modules that are fully capable of managing all  business enterprise needs in the most efficient and effective way possible.  This modular and open platform will empower automation professionals as the perfect solution for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA),  HMI, Control, Historian, MES and Industrial Analysis.

Automation Platform.NExT ™ is the best software solution for every company need. Enhance your enterprise wide process information flow with efficient management from sensors to business intelligence.

Technology evolution is essential to the competitive automation world. Technology evolution is not just a question of introducing new features or improvements here and there. It involves finding the courage to confront new challenges head on, rethinking work and brainstorming to find better ways to explore new technology frontiers. This is the only way to make the imaginable a reality.

Automation Platform.NExT™ is the new frontier of SCADA/HMI technology. We are not just dealing with an enhanced Movicon platform but a completely new platform redesigned on the technology of the future. This is the fruit of Progea’s twenty years of experience in the automation sector and a new reference point for SCADA/HMI software. The Automation Platform.NExT™ project has been engineered to override the restricted use of conventional Scada/HMI technology by proposing next-generation software solutions natively based on the most advanced technological solutions. These solutions create solid foundations for long term investments, without ompromise, offering openness and integration never imagined before in the world of automation.

Automation Platform.NExT is the software that integrated automation systems at all levels enterprise-wide, with the most innovative and modern technologies.














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Automation Platform.NExT™ has been designed to guarantee maximum scalability and offers just the one development environment for modular solutions that are flexible and easy to integrate within the platform. The scalable Platform.NExT™ architecture is remarkably cost effective and time saving with unlimited possibilities of deployment.


Automation Platform.NExT™ places emphasize on performance management. Fast communications, real-time data management and graphics optimization that makes full use of graphics accelerators and DirectX, guarantee maximum technology without sacrificing performances.


Automation Platform.NExT™ guarantees the maximum level of security possible. In addition to the user management other solutions have been provided which embrace the any approach to using alternative security models offered by preferred providers.


Automation Platform.NExT™ is completely based on market standards from which derive openness and reliability. The XAML and WPF technologies guarantee the most effective and modern graphics standards, and historian technologies based on MS SQL Server and Azure with transparent support to all other relational databases. The project files are XML standard based. The powerful language is VB.NET syntax standard based. Communication is OPC UA-based in addition to the various integrated protocols.


The Automation Platform.NExT™ technology is based on the “plug-in” concepts, allowing maximum interoperability with systems in order to integrate new functional models within the Progea framework for fully customizable .NET solutions. The graphics environment is based on WPF and supports powerful external tools such as Expression Blend for creating XAML graphics as well. The powerful and integrated VB.NET language standard guarantees all kinds of customization.

Web Enabled

Automation Platform.NExT™ is a platform based on the system access via web concept for which it already is an unparalleled reference point. Web-enabled projects can be created with extreme ease and effectiveness exploiting the Silverlight technology to obtain solutions with maximum performance, graphics and the HTML5 technology to guarantee maximum portability to diverse platforms and systems.


The Automation Platform.NExT™ Information Model is based on the innovative OPC UA technology. This guarantees maximum native connectivitytowards any device or application module based on this technology which offer unbeatable features for security and performance. The I/O Data Server module offers a significant number of native O/I drivers, integrated and free, that provide direct connectivity for devices with proprietary protocols such as Siemens S7, Rockwell, Modbus, Omron, and others. The platform's Client/Server architecture has been explicitly designed to unite IT and decision-making levels with the automation level of all production companies.


Automation Platform.NExT™ proposes an extremely innovative and pleasant work environment that provides users with a rich and intuitive set of various features. By using the new technologies upon which Automation Platform.NExT™ is completely based, you will be able to quickly create your projects quickly with ease by taking advantage of the various wizards and templates, symbol libraries and toolbox that are unbeatable for their graphics quality and re-usability. The function modularity concept is also extremely useful to enable users to implement 'plug in' function models that can be created externally and integrated in the platform.

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