Security And User Management

The Movicon.NExT™ applications ensure the maximum level of security and reliability.

Unparalleled security levels with the Membership Manager

The Movicon.NExT™ applications ensure maximum security and reliability. The complete and robust users and password management, has been explicitly designed to guarantee that conformity to the stringent security norms is an integral part of project designing that is achievable with simplicity.

Movicon.NExT™ guarantees maximum data and system access protection managed with 1024 user levels and 16 access areas. Project users can be shared with Windows™ Domain users with the option to centralize user profiles. The necessary security criteria have been fully integrated and configurable with a few clicks.  The security management includes features such as electronic signatures, unauthorized access attempt control checks, password expiration, automatic log-off and audit trail management. In addition, Movicon™ provides an option to define protection levels and user traceability directly in each tag, independently from any commands that have been associated.

User Management

Movicon.NExT™ allows user profiles to be defined with mixed configurations between other project users, Runtime administrator users,Windows™ domain users and connected child project users. Users can also be associated with access privileges to actions and command functions and individual project tags. The innovative Movicon.NExT™ user management is more expandable and open. Users can now be shared with different security management architectures using the Membership option.

Audit Trails

Audit trails can be applied to each data value and variation in order to record and report each change and the consequent values, time stamp and name of user who performed operations.

FDA CFR21 Part 11 and GAMP5

All the CFR21 Part 11 requirements have been implemented for creating FDA and GAMP5 ready projects with simplicity.