The latest generation of automation software technology

Progea's software products are based on the most advanced technology to ensure powerful, open, flexible and reliable solution in every automation and process control sector.

Progea's software platforms are results of extensive studies conducted on software ergonomics to make its products pleasant and easy-to-use. To further contribute to reducing development time all the tools and features have been made available and ready-to-use in the one environment providing maximum information integration and transparency. Progea's software is superior to any other product for simplicity of use and intuitiveness due to ‘Intelligent’ editors, integrated auto-configuration wizards, tag, alarms and string import/export tools. Project engineering is easy with the Progea software to achieve immediate and effective results with great visual impact to ensure that your investments are safeguarded.

New Generation SCADA/HMI

The new generation software architecture has been designed to build the basis of modern automation systems. Progea’s Automation Platform.NExT offers a .NET, OPC UA, WPF, XAML, HTML5 framework.


The renowned technology that guarantees reliability, potentiality, openness and unrivalled flexibility. An all-rolled-into-one development platform to develop and distribute applications from Window CE to Windows 10.

Embedded systems

MoviconHMI is a runtime software designed for Windows Embedded operating systems. By using the same Editor, Movicon 11 projects ensure deployment flexibility and scalability to run on PC Embedded or WinCE by adapting to the needs of those who operate with HMI systems.

Intelligent Buildings

Movicon BA is a Building Automation solution designed to connect to Konnex, LON, BacNet, Modbus systems and various other devices for integrated Building Intelligence. All-in-one supervision system to manage illumination, energy consumptions, climate and security, CCTV and much more.

Plant OEE, KPIs, DownTime

The Movicon Pro.Lean module allows the integration of all the functionalities needed for Plant Intelligence, the software solution for monitoring and analyzing productivity efficiency. It can be deployed in every manufacturing sector to remove inefficiencies and improve productivity.

Energy Efficiency Monitoring

The Movicon Pro.Energy module is very efficient and easy to use for monitoring and analyzing energy efficiency in every sector. Energy consumption is recorded and analyzed through detailed reports. Maximum openness to additional functions such as on demand power load balancers.

Movicon.NExT or Movicon 11 Classic?

Video Gallery

Explore the best of SCADA/HMI technology: video, tutorials and presentations to discover the Movicon platform potentialities right now.