Movicon Solution Providers & System Integrators

Movicon Solution Providers

Within the context of the increasingly widespread presence of the product on the market, Progea is promoting a program with the initiative to involve Movicon system integrators.

This initiative has become a reference point for the company for managing international and local sales networks.
This initiative aims to involve the most highly qualified integrators, offering them financial advantages when they purchase Program products and benefits in terms of potential increases in their turnover from Movicon end-users.

Becoming a Solution Provider

The Movicon Solution Provider program run by Progea is aimed at promoting joint cooperations between SCADA system producer and System Integrators. This association is designed to be of mutual benefit, giving the developer the chance to access product at a lower cost in return for a commitment to retain its name and to run the beta versions test.

Program Benefits

  • Special purchase conditions
  • Constant information on the latest Progea news
  • Constant updates
  • Advance receipt of the new versions (beta tester)
  • Close contact with Progea for proposals and suggestions
  • Details passed on to end-users
  • Integrating companies who are already Movicon users, possessing development systems, will have a special discount on our normal runtime license.
  • All partners will receive an increased discount of 5% for the next year if they achieve their targets (to be agreed by contract).
  • Partners who achieve their purchase target will enjoy a further discount of 5% of their total sales, to be redeemed against the first purchase of the successive year.

Further Program Benefits

Progea will create a list of Movicon Solution Providers on the website, which will be distributed to all end users contacted or visited by the Progea marketing personnel.

  • This program will be widely supported by promotions aimed, above all, at the end user.
  • Promotions will be supported by additional initiatives at trade fairs, alongside vertical sector marketing campaigns.
  • Indirect advertising via editorial reviews written by Progea in collaboration with their partners to give integrating companies a clearer picture. These articles will be published in the leading magazines in the automation sector.
  • Each year a free one-day update course will be held at the Progea Head Offices.