Supervisory Software Supports Speed To Shelf

Technology is changing the way consumers think about the products they use every day, from expecting innovative new products to the ability to give instant feedback to companies—for better or worse.

We are living in a data driven economy and it is becoming ever more imperative to use data of all types to forecast future consumer demands and identify ways to bring new products to market faster.

Leaders in the Food & Beverage industry are increasingly recognizing that success relies on synthesizing data across marketing and operations to stay at the forefront of consumer and industry trends in product development, packaging and distribution in order to stay competitive.

From traditional consumer feedback routes to social media outlets, consumers are not shy about telling companies what they want to see on the shelves. Business leaders are constantly challenged to place the right bets and equip their teams with the necessary tools to get to market first, which can mean the difference of separating themselves from the pack versus being just another “me too” product.

While the marketing and brand teams identify what to deliver and how to position the products to meet consumer needs, the operational team works to determine how to deliver on those needs in the most efficient way possible.

In order to increase speed to market, production facilities must be able to meet the demands of consumers and retail partners.While most Food & Beverage leaders recognize their production facility’s SCADA/HMI supervisory system as a critical software that serves as the command center for the plant floor, it is sometimes overlooked as a rich business tool that can provide historical and real-time data that can inform business decisions.

This data holds key information to reduce development times for tomorrow’s products and increase operational efficiency for current production needs. Choosing the right equipment and supervision software can mean the ability to more readily shift gears as new flavors, shapes, sizes or pallet configurations are needed to take advantage of cost savings or  revenue generating opportunities. In addition to a good supervisory system’s ability to  provide data to inform and expedite speed to shelf, it makes the plant more efficient and reliable through increased productivity and hygienic safety to meet even the most exacting standards. 

In short, the right automation software partner can provide you with the operational insights to meet market demands to keep you ahead of the competition.

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For over 20 years Progea’s Movicon ™ SCADA/HMI has been offering the best in complete visualization and control, traceability and compliance requirements for food and beverage manufacturing processes around the globe. We provide superior solutions for Food and Beverage manufacturers, where reaching standard requirements need perfect monitoring, control, reporting, trending and alarming.  The software is turn-key with many features right out of the box, but can be customized to meet specific business demands across multiple geographic locations.

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