Customer Support Services


Technical Support

The Technical Support Services are reserved for customers who have a least one valid Editor License.

The Progea Technical Support Services are run by a team of highly qualified expert engineers who work alongside the Progea R&D department. The support services are regulated by a system to ensure that users get the best out of them. This system ensures that customers, the Movicon users, have full accessibility to these services and kept informed on the ongoing technical support procedures. In order for these services to function effectively and efficiently, these procedures should be respected with the full collaboration of those involved to the best interests of all.

Table of Services
Web Forum
Web Support Portal
Support Downloads
Support via E-Mail
Support via Direct Phone
Support with Remote Desk
Priority Support
Editor Updates
  • NO DEV = Users without Development License (Editor)
  • DEV = Users with Development License (Editor) and latest purchase within 12 months.
  • SA = Users with a valid Service Agreement (SA).
  • TCK = Users with a ticket “Pay Per Incident”.

Email Support


Access to the Email Support Service is provided to all Movicon users when opening a Support Ticket. Each Ticket is traced and recorded in the automated Technical Support management system.


Help Desk Support


The Help Desk support is a telephone service that gives you direct access to a technical support team member. This service is available to subscribed users with an annual fee only and is regulated by a priority system.


Pay per Incident


The End User and all those who have purchased an Editor License but have not subscribed to a Technical Support Contract can access this service by using the Pay Per Incident formula.

The quality of service


Added service value of competence and quality

Support, Training, Consultancy.

Only the software technology producers can provide the level of service that customers can benefit by in terms of time and productivity. Progea provides an excellent presales and post sales service to assist customers in every development and integration need. They offer the best support to make sure that the customer’s project is a success.
Service access
E-mail Support
Help Desk Support
Pay Per Incident
Service access
  • Have your Editor License serial number at hand.
  • Read technical documentation.
  • Be prepared to clearly explain the problem you are experiencing in detail and how to reproduce.
  • If necessary, prepare an example on how to reproduce the problem.
  • Always remember that the Technical Support Service is used for solving problems and not for giving Training Courses online.
  • This service is for the benefit of all users.  We therefore ask users for their full collaboration and correct use of this service accordingly.
E-mail Support

The technical support service comes free by email only and is reserved for those users who purchase at least one Editor license.

  • Each client will be granted 5 hours of free service annually when purchasing an Editor license (DEV).  These five hours are regulated by an unlimited “Email Ticket” system to be used within the total time stipulated.  The number of service hours and Tickets used can be viewed in the client’s Reserved Area on the Progea website after registering.
  • Those clients who are not entitled to the Free Technical Support Service (i.e. those who have not purchased any licences within the last 12 months) can purchase “Tickets” separately to access the Service by contacting the Progea Sales Offices.
  • Tickets and service time do not apply for those cases that have been opened for reported product problems during production (bugs).
Help Desk Support

The Help Desk support can be purchased optionally and is only available for those who have purchased at least one Movicon Editor License.

  • This service is run directly by expert Progea technicians who are highly qualified in providing assistance for the Progea software products. The Help Desk is accessed by using a Hotline telephone service during office working hours.
  • This service can be purchased separately from any other dealer after the purchase of at least one Editor License.
  • To access the Help Desk Service users must subscribe to an annual Technical Support Contract which provides 20 hours of service a year and an unlimited number of tickets.
  • This service also includes an Editor License upgrade which is valid for the whole duration of the year contract.
  • The Help Desk is also regulated by a tracking system where each service is identified with a case number and relating parameters, technician in charge, open and close dates.
  • When the user reaches or exceeds the number of hours permitted on their contract, they can renew it according to the official price list.
Pay Per Incident

The Help Desk Support Service can also accessed without a contract according to the ‘on demand’ or ‘pay per incident’ modalities by buying one or more Help Desk tickets.

  • When buying Help Desk Tickets. When purchasing Help Desk Tickets, the customer will be able to access the Technical Support telephone Help Desk service for individual cases when needed.
  • These tickets are valid for one year and are an ideal solution for those customers who wish to use them only when deemed necessary without the obligation to subscribe to a Technical Support contract for their use.
  • The Tickets are used to identify the case and to track its progress. A technician will take charge of the customer’s request for assistance by opening a case which can then be traced until it is closed. Each case is traced by its open and close dates with details on its progress. The Ticket is automatically eliminated once the case is solved and closed.
  • The customer will also be notified of the time taken by the technician to solve the case which will then be deducted from the hours of service issued to them when purchasing the tickets.
  • This time is calculated on the effective time taken to solve the case regardless of the number tickets open. (according to sales policy each ticket is valid one hour – if case takes longer to solve company has right to take another ticket)

Help Desk


Support in North America

Help Desk: +1 888 305 2999
Every working day from:
7:30 – 17:00
Service held in English and Spanish


Support in Italy

Help Desk +39 059 45 42 24
Every working day from:
8:30 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17:30
Service held in Italian


International Support

Help Desk +41 91 96 76610
Every working day from:
8:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 17:30
Service held in English


Support in Germany

Help Desk: +09001-776432*
Every working day from:
8:30 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00
Service held in German
*Toll fee: 1.46 EUR/min. from a German landline.
Mobile phone call costs may differ.