Technological Partners

Technological Partners are companies that have established a business or technical partnership with Progea.

The qualified Business Partner companies are those which produce automation hardware components such as PCs, Remote I/O, PLCs, Controller Devices and others. Their products are tested by Progea and can be bought under special terms in a Hardware+Movicon Software solution, or with Movicon as the recommended software for their hardware device. If your company produces or resells hardware or components for automation, you will be at a greater advantage over the rest by bundling with the right and flexible HMI and Scada software. Become more competitive and more effective at "zero-cost" investment.

Progea Technological Partners Services includes the following services:

  • Customized license or royalties policy
  • Sales support and Training
  • Movicon developer Support by Progea
  • Product documentation
  • Customized Training
  • Application Engineering, hardware test and certification
  • Project assistance engineering in vertical solution