The Future of SCADA/HMI Software is Almost Here…

Progea will be launching its new software version for industrial automations at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES Italian Expo in Parma, Italy. Movicon.NExT revolutionizes software technology: new programming concepts, opening new horizons for process management and evolving operator interaction.

In addition to the multi-touch technology, Progea has gone one step beyond and developed support to the Kinect technology to acknowledge hand gestures or voice instructions without needing to touch screen. The future of industrial automation is now a reality made possible by Progea’s innovations through software solutions and anticipating the natural evolution of applied technology in the world of automation. We look forward to seeing you at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES Italy in Parma, from May 21th – 23rd at Stanb C008 located in Pavilion 2.

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