VB.NET Scripting

Empowered By Integrated VB.NET Language

Project design openness with integrated VB.NET language

Platform.NExT™ integrates a powerful VB.NET engine, capable of executing code compatible with the VB.NET standard (Visual Basic for .NET™), with a vast and powerful set of APIs. Not only are event and method properties provided to customize any type of system functionality, but they can be used to gain full access to your system’s .NET world. Scripts can be executed as normal routines or embedded in objects in response to events, such as the alarm, template or graphical data logger objects.

The Platform VB.NET language guarantees multi-threading so that different VBA script can be executed simultaneously offering unmatched solutions that no other system using standard languages can offer. The powerful debugger also provides step-by-step, breakpoints and other execution types.

Expression Generator

Movicon.NExT™ also offers the use of a “VB.NET Expression Generator” for editing expressions directly within objects as an alternative to using tags.