New Generation Web Technology

Remote access your automation and supervision project in total security with the Platform.NExT™ Web Server module using HTML5 technologies.

The concept of modern automation emphasizes the necessity to access automation system data from any location point at any time. Using the web to access, manage or view production process information, with total security, is essential to all users, maintenance personnel, production managers and company managers in general. The Platform.NExT ™ Web Server module is an excellent function designed to make remote access possible using the most modern and innovative web technologies of HTML5 and Silverlight.

The Platform.NExT ™ Web Server editor can be used for creating the graphical interface displayed over the web independently from the fact that it can also be displayed by HMI Clients.

Communication is established through the I/O Data Server, or directly with OPC UA. The task of the Web Server is to manage local instances and publish data over the web. Web Client stations permit command activation as defined on servers using the same security adopted for accessing commands. All access to commands are traced and recorded on the server’s log. In addition, Web Client station log-on is completely independent from other stations, where other users can log on with different privilege levels using the multi-user concept.

Advantages of using the Platform.NExT Web Server:

  • Access and view project via the Web using any browser with any operating system with Silverlight and HTML5 technology support
  • Creating web pages on the server is completely automatic with a click of the mouse
  • Project screen browser navigation defined on Server with user log-on, access control and option to restrict navigation on the web side
  • No need for additional installations or configuring on client or server
  • Enhanced performance and transparent support to project features and commands using normal browsers
  • Data management security
  • Enhanced performance and event notifications
  • Communication based on Web services
  • Multiplatform support, no software to be distributedor installed, application centralized on server side

Cross-Platform Web Client Visualization thanks to the HTML5 technologies. Access from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

HTML5 is the standard that defines a series of technologies, which include all the most recent technology innovations relating to web development and engineering applications.  The HTML5 technology surpasses restricted web technology to empower you to define new semantic functions, storage, API for device access, web sockets, webworkers and graphical solutions, multimedia and 2D/3D that were thought impossible to do in standard and cross-platform technologies. By supporting this standard the Movicon Web Client technology is able to offer users true standard and cross-platform web architecture which is portable on any PC, operating system, browser and mobile device. The advantage you get by having a cross-platform solution is that it allows you safe accessibility to projects anywhere and everywhere with perfect graphics rendering.   However, unlike solutions based on Silverlight, HTML5 requires that the server processes part of the client data that may consequently affect performances slightly. This does not exclude the fact that HTML5 is an open standard that will empower you with full interoperability within any platform.