Movicon Web Client Technology

Plant information accessible from anywhere throughout the globe using the Web Client technology.

This is the reason why Progea has specifically designed the Movicon™ Web Client, the innovative software solution based on the most modern Thin Client technologies for sharing real-time data across internet or intranet network architectures. Thanks to the Movicon™ and Movicon™ Web Client technologies you can visualize and control any Movicon™ HMI or Scada supervision station using a simple browser on the client, saving you major costs in management, maintenance and licensing, while increasing your company productivity at the same time.

Web Client Movicon 11

Movicon 11 Web Client technology is based on the JAVA architecture with the advantage of having cross-platfrom and cross-browser.

Web Client 11 is available in the Applet (J2SE) version for PC browsers and Midlet (J2ME) version for mobile systems, for Apple iPad/iPhone, for Android devices, and for RIM Blackberry.

Web Client Movicon.NExT

The new Movicon.NExT Web Client technology is based on the HTML5 architectures to guarantee on one side performances and graphics never before imagined in web based automation systems and on the other side HTML5 cross-platform portability, open architecture supported by almost all browsers and systems such as iPhone, iPad, and others.

Unmatched Potential through the World Wide Web

Client users are fully aided with the potentiality that only the Movicon™ Web Client can offer without the need to install and process extra on Client stations. The graphical screen representations are shown in their ‘true colors’ and graphics are automatically adapted to the client’s graphic resolutions or to the size of the browser window. Interaction can be performed from Client side to activate commands and manage events of VBA code inserted in symbols. All information can be obtained from Historical Logs and Trends and displayed in data tables using sort by filters. The Scheduler and IP Camera viewer objects are also supported along with their interactivities. The Movicon™ Web Client features are incredibly outstanding, powerful, extremely simple and automatic, truly making the automation-over-the web concept a real ‘live wire’.