The Benefits of OPC – UA for Automation Webcast

Webinar Overview

OPC UA is the newest, most widely supported, and most secure automation interoperability framework. OPC UA is gaining recognition as the interoperability platform for everything related to industrial automation, plus other domains, and the system solution for the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.  OPC UA extends OPC Classic by adding important capabilities, such as platform independence, scalability and high availability.

Guest Speakers

Thomas J. Burke - OPC Foundation

A founding member and officer of the OPC Foundation and currently its President & Executive Director, was the architect for the OPC Data Access Specifications. He has served as the designer and leader for OPC Compliance and all OPC Data Access specifications. His vision is the OPC Unified Architecture, which is a multi-vendor, multi-platform, service-oriented architecture.

Costantino Pipero - Beeond

Beeond was founded on July 2005 to consult on solutions for industrial automation and operations management. Our solutions tap into a full suite of end-to-end services that allow our customers to improve efficiency in both cost and service.