Last week’s demo in Puerto Rico

Last week at the CSIA Conference Progea demonstrated Movicon .NExT running on a device that fits in the palm of your hand and cost less than $40. Progea has developed a HMI platform that runs on Windows 10 IoT via a Raspberry PI 2 device.

It is estimated there will be 9 billion micro devices in all industrial and consumer sectors, and this is why Microsoft released Windows 10 IoT operating system, designed to run on micro devices such as Raspberry PI 2. This Microsoft operating system is free of charge and provides the essential requirements needed for running applications that are capable of managing graphics, logic and communication stacks. The new Movicon.NExT platform with its data information model based on the OPC UA standards to comply with Industry 4.0 and IoT concepts is one such application.

Progea is continuously focused on the scalability of its platforms, and foresees a future of Micro-HMI capable of using low-end peripheral systems. Progea is committed to maintain the design engineering concept of the Movicon.NExT technology to support a wide range of devices from embedded controllers to enterprise servers.

What types of project come to mind?

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