Supports the latest generation of 3D graphics

Movicon.NExT™ offers support to dynamic 3D graphics dislays with XAML technology.  Screens can display 3D models imported or selected from those included in the platform. Various advanced functions have been provided to enble the design engineer to animate graphics with 3D model components and define sequences of rooms containing different 3D scenarios for trajectory viewing. The user can interact with dynamic real-time system data using 3D graphical components to create tri-dimensional and interactive user interfaces.

The new graphical interface experience will empower users with the freedom to design mixed 2D and 3D solutions, using predisposed dynamic functions for associating real-time information to objects.  At the same time users are free to create and integrate their own XAML designs to expand library contents.

Spectacular 2D and 3D graphics with astounding special effects can be created independently from the local screen or web screen resolution.

  • 2D and 3D vector graphics with DirectX10 support
  • Rich library of symbols and WPF objects pre-configured with top quality graphics
  • Expanded support to graphical objects in XAML
  • Extensive set of dynamic functions
  • Support to all functions needed for manipulating objects in Runtime (zoom, drag, pinch, and more)
  • Support to screen styles and layouts
  • Full support to all multi-touch functions
  • Kinect (voice and gestures) support
  • Native Windows 8 tile interface and automatic project navigation support

Give space to your creativity

New generation graphics libraries

Progea has invested a major part of its resources engaging graphics and designers to redesign their product’s XAML-based symbol libraries by using the most modern graphics solutions available to incorporate different styles and storyboards. Users can now use a rich variety of high quality graphics that have never been seen before in SCADA/HMI and are included in the platform within the object and symbol libraries that cater for every industrial use.

Users can expand on their design creativity by using a library rich in high quality static and dynamic symbols in addition to a toolbox containing graphical objects as well as pre-configured complex objects. Combined with a powerful integrated vector WPF graphics editor designed to extend graphics transparency, fading, shading and shadow effect techniques to empower  designer creativity.

In addition to the Movicon.NExT™ graphical object libraries, this platform also provides the use of graphical expressions with XAML. This will enable the use to to create new symbols and objects using expressions,blend graphics, dynamic use of storyboards, and full support to user control customized with Visual Studio.